Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm back!!!

So I haven't blogged forever, mostly because I had my camera stolen and it was devastating! It had all my xmas pictures and it broke my heart, but I guess thats life, and I'm looking for a new one now!! So lets see what is new???? We'll I have 5 sisters and 3 outta five is pregnant #1 Chera she is my youngest she 6 months and expecting her first girl, next Dasia the middle child is expecting triplets, triplets!!! Identical they are... no she was not on fertilty it was a complete shocker!! Next meeeeeeeeeee, I'm finally pregnant we are so excited and nervous, I can't wait I'm going to work out this time and stay in complete shape it is what I have been doing up until this point so I'm keeping up the good work, I feel so good so far, I am 4 weeks and due on October 2nd I'm stoked!